Hey everyone,

You may have noticed a long painful silence here, on our blog, but also just in general. So time to make it official: Landverraad is dead. As individual members though, we are still very much alive and continuing our lives and busy with a million other projects:




And we decided to be dramatic about our break-up and do a last show. This sad, sad event will take place at the F Word Festival in Amsterdam on the 24th of September 2016. So attend! So let us party one last time in happy denial of anarchy!



So. Tour’s over. IT WAS GREAT. Thanks everybody!

We might have sold some LP’s without inlays. We’re stupid. If so, please e-mail us and we’ll send you them. FOR FREE. We’re stupid, but we’re also REALLY NICE.

This Wednesday we have the opportunity to be blown off the stage by Lightning Bolt. So be there to witness this.

Landverraad June tour 2015

O yes.

19/6/2015 Monchengladbach, Germany
20/6/2015 Jena, Germany
21/6/2015 Café Na půl cesty, Prague, Czech
22/6/2015 AZ Conni, Dresden, Germany
23/6/2015 VL, Halle/Saale, Germany
24/6/2015 Stumpf, Hannover, Germany
25/6/2015 Klapperfeld, Frankfurt, Germany
26/6/2015 JUZ, Mannheim, Germany
27/6/2015 Dreams Come True Fest, Strasbourg, France
28/6/2015 AZ, Cologne, Germany, matinee show

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“It’s the end of a year… There’s another one comiiiing!”

Wow, this year has been a total rollercoaster for Landverraad. We played more than 40 shows all over Yurop, released an LP, ate shitloads of super tasty vegan food, slept on beautiful wooden floors or luxurious IKEA mattresses of amazing people, talked about important stuff on- and off- the stage and had super fun times. And now a bit of a personal rant.

Sometimes if I stop to think about how crazy it is to be in this DIY punk community it makes me very happy about the life choices I have made. I defiantly have not ‘made it’ according to the standards of the western society, but being a part of this special community makes sure that these standards are set wrong (and of course, there should not be a standard at all). People all over the world’s smallest (and most annoyingly privileged) continent go through the trouble of setting up a show, arranging equipment, cooking food and hosting us in their or their friend’s houses just because they feel it’s an important and/or nice thing to do for bands that share most their views on organizing and life in general. I feel it’s really special that this concept still survives in the state of the world we live in today. And this is just a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped us in any way over the 4 years of being Landverraad. It’s been amazing and it continues to be so.

Punk es amore!



We’re back home. Thanks everybody!



31/10/2014 – Jeugdhuis Achterban, Ghent, Belgium w/Somerset & Reasonist 1/11/2014 – Le Bocal, Caen, France w/ Bitpart & Tigersuit! 2/11/2014 – Bordeaux, France 3/11/2014 – Gaztetxea, Getaria, Basque Country 4/11/2014 – Rock Beer The New, Santander, Spain 5/11/2014 – Casa Viva, Porto, Portugal 6/11/2014 – C.o.s.a., Setubal, Portugal 7/11/2014 – Sport Clube Do Intendente, Lisbon, Portugal 8/11/2014 – Segovia, Spain 9/11/2014 – Rock Palace, Madrid, Spain w/ La Letra Pequeña 10/11/2014 – Arrebato, Zaragoza, Spain 11/11/2014 – CSO l’Astilla, Barçelona, w/ Rakta 12/11/2014 – La torpille, Marseille, France 13/11/2014 – Villa Vegan Occupata, Milan, Italy 14/11/2014 – Podrum, Rijeka, Croatia w/ Rivers Run Dry & Strafplanet 15/11/2014 – Pumpa, Postojna, Slovenia 16/11/2014 – cakovec, croatia 17/11/2014 – SUB, Graz, Austria w/ Strafplanet & Franz Strosük 18/11/2014 – Zagreb, Croatia 19/11/2014 – LIMBO, Budapest, Hungary 20/11/2014 – EKH, Vienna, Austria 21/11/2014 – Mukuku, Kremsmünster, Austria w/Strafplanet 22/11/2014 – Projekt 31, Nuremberg, Germany


For the upcoming tour:



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Dear people. Summer was great. Last saturday was great.

The November tour is roughly booked. Mainly the Spanish dates need to be booked still. So get in touch if you’d like to see us. ( landverraad (A) )

Here’s the plan so far:

31/10/2014 – Ghent, Belgium w/ Somerset & Reasonist
1/11/2014 – Le Bocal, Caen, France w/ Bitpart & Tigersuit!
2/11/2014 – Bordeaux, France
3/11/2014 – Zarautz, Basque Country
4/11/2014 – Spain
5/11/2014 – Porto, Portugal
6/11/2014 – Portugal
7/11/2014 – Lisbon, Portugal
8/11/2014 – Spain
9/11/2014 – Spain
10/11/2014 – Spain
11/11/2014 – Barçelona, Spain
12/11/2014 Jolly Roger, Hyeres, France w/ Bokanovsky
13/11/2014 – Italy
14/11/2014 – Italy
15/11/2014 -Podrum, Rijeka, Croatia
16/11/2014 – Ljubljana, Slovenia
17/11/2014 – Graz, Austria
18/11/2014 –  Zagreb, Croatia
19/11/2014 – Budapest, Hungary
20/11/2014 – EKH, Vienna, Austria
21/11/2014 – Kremsmünster, Austria
22/11/2014 – Projekt 31, Nuremberg, Germany

See you all soon.

landverraad warsaw 01


f-word benefitVrankrijk, Amsterdam.
Doors open: 21.00
First band: 22.00
Damage: 6 euro donation

new shirts


We made new shirts with a cat on them!