Миру мир

“I would prefer to live in peace but, when I looked around me, I couldn’t find it anywhere. Everywhere I looked, the land was being destroyed, the Indians were victims of genocide, Third World peoples were oppressed and massacred, people lived in industrial wastelands and womyn were being raped and children molested. I could never live in peace, only quiet – the kind you find in cemeteries.”

Ann Hansen – “Direct Action”

У мира нету сил
Удержать войну,
Когда насилие
Прижало нас ко дну.

Опустите руки!
Поднимите белый флаг!
Нет уж, подай мне оружие!
Лишь так падёт этот мрак!

Насилие – метод тиранов
Под собою массы держать,
Доводить народ до момента,
Когда нечего больше терять.
Неужели ты действительно веришь,
Что возможно мирным путём
Наковальню насилия свергнуть,
Заливая воду огнём?

Миру – мир.
Войне – война.

Покой нам всем угоден,
Но если из под носа уводят
Всё, что смысл имело,
Мир кажется химерой.

У мира нету сил
Удержать войну.


Peace can’t hold war back
When violence is pushing us against the wall

Just give up already!
Raise the white flag!
No! Take up arms!
Only thus shall the gloom fall!

Violence is a tyrannical measure
Enabling submission of the masses,
Bringing folk to a point
Where there’s nothing left to be lost.
Do you really believe
That the anvil of violence will melt
In a peaceful way
When all you’re doing is putting out water with fire?

Peace to peace
War to war

We all prefer peace
But when they take away
Everything that was dear to you
Peace will appear as chimera.
Peace can’t hold war back

Vernietig de elite

Vernietig de elite
Maak ze kapot
Zoek een scherp mes
En zet het aan het strot
Van de bureaucraten
De machtspotentaten
Brandende barri’s
In opgebroken straten
Het is tijd voor actie
Tijd voor daden
Als kamaraden
Op de barricaden
Met de steen in het hand
Door het hele land
Het is het zwarte zand
Dat de machine verlamt


Destroy the elite,
Put an end to it!
Find a sharp knife &
Put it to the throat
Of bureaucrats &
Those in power.
Burning barricades
In demolished streets –
It’s time for action
Time for deeds,
As comrades
On the barricades.
With a stone in our hands
We take over the land,
It’s the black sand
That destroys the machine.

Extinct Animals



Ground sloth
Giant beaver
Saber-toothed cat
Dire wolf
Irish elk
Wooly rhino
Giant hyena
Steppe wisent

Great auk
Elephant bird
Honshu wolf
Atlas bear
Blue buck
Caribbean monk seal

No Love for a Nation

Distant, far, remote, miles away
Family, friends, culture, familiarity
Freedom, better life, future, comfort, money, greed, drugs, stress, loneliness, cold feet.

Escaping centuries of total decay
It’s us who fucked it up and it’s them who should pay
We built up a fortress on blood, sweat and tears
And we’ll pour molting tar if they try to get in.

Deportation, prisons, sinking boats –
It’s a killing machine we all quietly support

Let’s turn on our brains
And think for a minute –
[Thinking that someone would] leave everything they love behind to steal your fucking job is giving you too much credit.

Gender Song

Is there a way to forever unlearn
The fascist standards we’re fed from birth?
That dictate our gender, define our relations.
Help me destroy it – down to a fraction.

A girl will wear pink
And a boy will wear blue
But if the hair is cut short
Then we don’t have a clue.

Here’s your high expectations
And here’s your glass ceiling,
Rationality or drama,
Emotions? Conceal it!
Ambition? Oh really?
Forgot you’re a girl?
Settle for less
And please wear a skirt.

It’s a rough world we live in
And my hands are tied
If you don’t feel like your genitals
Join the dark side.

I feel my feet moving,
Beyond my control
Escaping this branding
Is a biological urge.

I’m my own gender
Make your own gender
Destroy the sexes as the culture intends them
Male/Female – fuck off.

I ❤ Mum

Daily distractions lose their grip
and suddenly it hits

What is it with this world?
Seems like an absurdist sketch,
(monstrously grotesque)
Everything is wrong, wrong, wrong ,wrong

Alienation attacks
Twisting the knife in my heart,
All we’ve done has failed, failed, failed, failed

More ego, more plastic, more shit we don’t need
Social lives counted in likes
It can not, it will not, it should not..!

There’s no way to state that the world is not fucked,
Nor do I think that it will be alright,
But hey there are more of us equally lost,
You’re not alone, you’re not alone

So come join the dropouts, free-spirits and punks
the renegades and misfits, the twisted and sweet kids
We’re in this together and we will be there,
You’re not alone, you’re not alone



ingeschikt en aangepast,
wordt je alsnog uitgekotst,
wie houdt wie,
voor gek?

ga maar liggen, lik hun hielen,
volg de regels van het spel,
wees redelijk, lief en aardig,
dan luisteren ze zeker wel!

..en het voorspelbaar einde is dat je vol verbijstering aanschouwt, hoe de harde hand van het gezag de polderillusie ruw verstoord
en je had t kunnen weten, de basis van de macht is onderdrukking, plundering en moord!
wantrouw de staat!

geen bazen en politici maar zelfbeheer en anarchie
zelfbeheer en anarchie …is landverraad

Darkest of Thoughts

In the blackest of corners
The darkest of shadows
Of mind’s weirdest angles
It starts to feel desperate

The strangest of thoughts
And I lie and I rot
I look back and I think
My whole life is a failure

There’s a black whole in the place
Where my head used to be
And it sucks in the demons
To haunt and to blunt me

And I’d love to get out
But it’s something inside
It’s the chemistry that I can’t control

Serotine, dopamine, norepinephrine
Physics, genetics, hormonal changes
Injuries, body clock, social relations
Drugs, medications, seasonal changes

It creeps up
In a blink of an eye
You’re not the person
You think you are
No one knew you had this in you
In a second your life is askew

It’s not there for us to ignore
That in our prefect pink little world
There’s a condition
That threatens us all

To ignore would be to loose
In a game that we don’t voluntarily choose
Support and patience is what we could use
It can be scary if you’re confused

And how many of us have felt this
Desperation and total darkness
The only thing we really need
Is an ear to listen to a heart that bleeds

Burning Churches Is a Waste

Head fills up with lies
The moment it’s baptized
Their lies they should revise
The moment we arise

When you march into a church
To praise the son of god
You march into a prison
Of organized religion

We shall reclaim these places
That only take up space
A church can be reused
To store, live or produce

A house, a punk bar, a storage, an animal shelter, a hospital, an abortion clinic, a
workshop, a rehab, a presser, a voku, a bakery, a shoe-maker.

There is no god
No use for a church
Let’s make it a granary

Don’t seek answers in god.

End of Histroy

For ten thousand years the great tyranny rules
And little by little we conquer it all
In the name of the progress we shall destroy

Textbook history starts with abuse
Mesopotamia: how to lock up the food
Thousands of years erased to forget
How we destroyed our nature just to build up their state.

Paves our
Path to
The end

By acknowledging mistakes we take the first step
To building up something that won’t head for a crash
Our past it sustains us and it gives us strength
To build up a future where the Earth won’t be raped.

Burn Baby, Burn

I set fire to a booklet of evil and I watched it burn
Erasing the name I was given, this flame is an ern!
Liberating, but not only myself, she’s searching for more –
All the ones that didn’t have papers, now the paper’s no more

I’m conceiving an ingenious plan
Night of laughter and fire from LA to Japan
To put an end to the evil of bureaucracy
And to keep everyone warm wherever you may be

Here’s a match
Strike a flash
Watch it ignite
We’re cooking passports tonight

No name and no age and no country of birth
Now we’re all finally illegal, BURN BABY, BURN!

Burn baby, burn baby, burn baby, BURN!

The F

The F

The ‘F’ in your papers stands for material crap
Diminishing what we fight for,
It turns it into cash.

I strive for no authority
Not a female in a suit
You strive for the essence of patriarchy =
Hierarchical abuse.

Gonna knock you off your pedestal
Drag you through your petty cash
And if I was to choose a word for you
The F stands for Fuck you!

The Secret Society of Excuses

How about you leave your excuses and go fucking VEGAN!


Мы как щенки
Скулящие под лапой,
Огромной суки
Держащей нас в охапке.

Я продолжаю бороться с собой
Когда верю в перемены
Этот безумный человеческий отбой
Сужает вокруг меня стены
Эгоценрического мира
С элитными инвестициями в бедность
Ума и внутреннего мира
Помогающую видеть лишь поверхность.

Мы как щенки
Скулящие под лапой,
Огромной суки
Держащей нас в охапке.

Действие изменит
Бездействие убъёт.
Ещё больше серой массы,
Ещё больше ментов.

Но свои глаза я заставлю
В будующем видеть перемены
Но зная, лишь глаза я закрою,
Всё это исчезнет.


Just oppression by
State protector
Eye of justice
On every corner
Complete control
Tapping our minds
Peaceful lives
Through lawful violence


Investing into control
Our lives are spent on parole
It’s just a matter of time
Before your name’s on a file.

Eye of justice
On every corner
Complete control
Tapping our minds
Peaceful lives
Through lawful violence

Forget Shorter Showers

Alternative lifestyles will not change the world
Resist, oppose, take back what is ours.

Dumpster diving
But not organizing,
Taking shorter showers
But not opposing power
Simply going vegan
Will not stop the killing
Alternative lifestyles
The system should be broken down

DOWN, BREAK IT DOWN (motherfuckers)

Dumpster diving
But not organizing
Taking shorter showers
But not opposing power
Simply going vegan
Will not stop the killing
Navigating capitalism
Won’t help to build up anarchism

Act, confront, take it down.


Grey walls – time calls,
Bell rings – Disciplined.

Learn to blend in,
Learn to sit still
Learn to obey,

All this time we’re just being kept
From becoming a full time workforce
But in fact our lives could be spent
On something we feel is far more important.
And then maybe we don’t need brokers
And maybe we don’t need cops
And maybe we don’t need to try and fit in
For 12 years of our lives.

What’s wrong with education?
What’s wrong with education?
What’s wrong with education?