Summer ’14

by landverraad

Hey everyone! Here’s a list of our upcoming shows. We’ll start at Fluffest. And then keep on going.

26/7/2014 at Flufffest, Rokycany, Czech Republic
28/7/2014 Pohoda, Plzen, Czech w/ Lawine & Deer in the headlights
29/7/2014 Café na půl cesty, Prague, Czech w/ Lawine & Remek
30/7/2014 Olomouc mini ramp w/ Lawine
31/7/2014 Warsaw, Poland, w/ Lawine, Beyond Pink & Monday Suicide
1/8/2014 Poznan, Poland, w/ Lawine & Monday Suicide
2/8/2014 Leipzig, Germany, w/ Lawine

summer fun